Here is our news...

  • 07-13-05 -- I posted new house pictures (both interior and exterior).  Check the message board for the latest on my dads trip to India (I will be posting the data I get from him on the message board).
  • 07-05-05 -- We finished all our pre drywall inspections. we should be dried in by Friday.
  • 07-04-05 -- Samantha’s Dad left for about a month for a mission trip to India!
  • 06-27-05 -- Updated Picture sizes in albums to 640 x 480 and added some new cat pictures
  • 06-23-05 -- Erich flies to Chicago for the NEXTFEST conference.  He will be back late Saturday night (6-25-05)
  • 06-20-05 -- Pictures of the shingles were posted today. check out the pictures
  • 06-20-05 -- Hans and Laurens wedding pictures and Danny and Emily’s wedding pictures were posted today. Be sure to check out the videos taken at Danny and Emily’s wedding as well...
  • 06-18-05 -- Danny and Emily were married today!
  • 06-17-05 -- Our shingles were installed today. No pictures of the shingles are posted yet, but new ones are up since May’s picture posting.
  • 06-12-05 -- Hans and Lauren were married today!
  • 05-17-05 -- Trusses are now installed...
  • 05-12-05 -- Our walls are up...
  • 04-29-05 -- Slab pour Date... Official home start date
  • 4-05-05 -- Our property has been cleared and filled, slab construction should begin this coming week. Check out the picture of the land.
  • 02-05-05 -- We closed on our mortgage this week. We have an expected slab pour date of April 11th. Check out all the details of our house!

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