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NEWS for those of you donít already know...

  • 5-31-06 -- I know I donít update this often anymore... but since you were nice and visited our out of date site, ... check this link for a surprise...  :o)
  • 4-1-06 -- Our Church (Melbourne Community Church) has a book club that meets every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  We have put together a forum for the club to facilitate Q & A and just good fun.
  • 12-26-05 -- My best friend was married on 12/22 in the DC area.  I have made a site just for the wedding stuff... check it out: 
  • 12-08-05 -- Good News! I posted a movie of our house being built. I made it and really want to know if anyone likes it... so let me know! Here is the link Just click on the movie icon and you get to see the movide made by me! :)
  • 11-13-05 -- So, its been a long time since I updated the site... sorry.  A lot has been going on... we closed on the house 9-29-05 and moved in the next day.  We are still light on furniture, but it is starting to look nice.  We painted the living room walls a shade of peach (it is pretty) and we bought an area rug.  We installed lots of fans and some light fixtures (inside and out) and tinted all the windows to minimize energy costs...  We hung some curtains and stained a computer cabinet... so, I have put some pictures up on the outside and the living room since it is the only room that looks like a room... check it all out and let me know what you think.
  • 09-03-05 -- GO GATORS!!! We started a bit rough, but won a good game today! As far as our house, well according to Chris (our construction manager) we should be having a walk thru on Friday the 9-9-05 to create our punch list so we can move on to closing.  I am a bit weary on this date, but I guess Iíll give him the benefit of the doubt.  No new pictures yet since we are locked out. Also, check our web site regularly (i.e. daily), I like seeing the counter go up :) Till I write again...
  • 08-29-05 -- I am officially sick, grumpy, have a fever, and I am overall a cranky <fill in the blank>.  Poor Erich. I feel the need to complain, so this site seems like as good a place as any. Oh, on top me not feeling well, our construction manager has not returned my calls which makes me want to call and complain to all who will listen at the builders office, However, I wonít, because I am cranky. So, as a result of him not calling, I have no new news to report on our house. How sad! I'm done for now. Later.
  • 08-28-05 -- I am getting sick... I hate being sick and really have no time for it -- plus if i am sick, I am an awful patient.
  • 08-20-05 -- Sod put down and water connected.  New pictures of exterior posted.
  • 08-19-05 -- New pictures for both exterior and interior. Closing scheduled for Sept 19th.
  • 08-18-05 -- Carpet installed, Sod delivered, Yard leveled out. Thanks everyone for checking out the site and posting!
  • 08-11-05 -- This is a test to see if anyone reads what I type... If you do please sign the guest book :). Thank you.  Anyway, the garage door is in along with the rest of our driveway.  Our property also has its rough grate completed on all the dirt.  So, check out the pretty exterior pictures and sign the guest book. Also, what is different about this page... let me know on the guest book.  Bye for today :)
  • 08-09-05 -- First two-thirds of the driveway have been poured. All interior switches, lights, shelving, etc. have been completed. New external pictures posted. Should be about 1 month left of work or less...
  • 08-05-05 -- Culvert, sinks and plumbing, water heater, and AC installed.
  • 08-04-05 -- Cabinetry installed. We are almost done. New interior pictures posted.
  • 08-02-05 -- New exterior and interior posted.  They painted the house in and out today.
  • 08-01-05 -- New interior pictures posted.  all doors and molding installed and our driveway has been prepared with dirt.
  • 07-28-05 -- Pictures updated.  Septic Tank is in and dry wall should be sprayed out by tomorrow... almost there.  An update on my dad -- he is stuck in India due to the monsoon, but is safe.
  • 07-17-05 -- updated pictures and NEW -- Check out to see pictures from the mission trip my dad is on...
  • 07-15-05 -- Drywall underway.  Driveway permit received.
  • 07-14-05 -- Stucco completed on the house... check out the latest pictures
  • 07-13-05 -- I posted new house pictures (both interior and exterior).  Check the message board for the latest on my dads trip to India (I will be posting the data I get from him on the message board)
  • 07-05-05 -- We finished all our pre drywall inspections. we should be dried in by Friday
    • Message Board added... please leave a message
  • 07-04-05 -- Samanthaís Dad left for about a month for a mission trip to India!
  • 06-27-05 -- A new exterior picture posted with our door hung.
  • 06-20-05 -- Pictures of the shingles were posted today.
  • 06-20-05 -- Hans and Laurens wedding pictures and Danny and Emilys wedding pictures were posted today. Be sure to check out the videos taken at Danny and Emilyís wedding as well...
  • 06-17-05 -- Our shingles were installed today. No pictures of the shingles are posted yet, but new ones are up since Mayís picture posting.
  • 05-17-05 -- Trusses are now installed...
  • 05-12-05 -- Our walls are up...
  • 04-29-05 -- Slab pour Date... Official home start date
  • 4-05-05 -- Our property has been cleared and filled, slab construction should begin this coming week.

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